Laura’s Law Implemented in San Francisco

The SF Department of Public Health implemented the law November 1 after the Board of Supervisors voted in favor of the implementation in mid-2014.

San Francisco is now the 12th county to implement Laura’s Law.

From the Fog City Journal, the assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) program created by Laura’s Law allows court-ordered, intensive outpatient treatment for people with severe mental illnesses who refuse medication because their illness impairs their ability to make rational decisions.

Laura’s Law came about with the 2002 AB 1421, which was modeled after New York’s “Kendra’s Law.” Among the targeted hard-to-treat population, Kendra’s Law resulted in 74 percent fewer homeless; 83 percent fewer arrests; 49 percent less alcohol abuse; and 48 percent less drug abuse.

In Nevada County, where the killings took place, the law has been fully implemented and proven so successful that the county was honored in 2010 by the California State Association of Counties. In announcing the recognition, CSAC said Nevada County offset public costs of $80,000 with savings estimated at $203,000 that otherwise would have been spent on hospitalization and incarceration of program participants.

Seems like a good move by SF.

Further reading can be found over at Fog City Journal.