Alameda Scores $3.9 Million Health Grant

The $3.9 million state grant from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority will allow the county to expand their mental health programs.

Specifically, the money will fund a total of 26 new beds in the northern part of the county. 12 of those beds are planned to be designated for crisis stabilization patients, the other 14 will be part of a planned residential treatment program.

Alameda County currently has 32 beds for mental health crisis patients. The county's Behavioral Health Care Services is aiming to expand to a total of 108 beds overall, so the 26 incoming beds represent a big step forward in achieving that goal.

"As a county, we lack sufficient beds for mental health services in the communities that need them the most," said Manuel Jimenez, Behavioral Health Care Services director, in a statement.

More on Alameda’s health grant can be found here.