Fresno County Supes Approve Fast Food for Some Welfare Recipients

Less than 10% of Fresno County’s CalFresh recipients can now get food from fast food restaurants.

The program was approved in a 3-2 split vote that sees Fresno join seven other California counties in the adoption of this program.

Proponents of this program say it targets those receiving the welfare benefits that do not have access to cooking facilities, like homeless people living out of tents or disabled individuals who are physically incapable of cooking.

Supervisor Buddy Mendes, who voted in favor of the program, also added that the program can be discontinued if it does not have the desired affects.

The average CalFresh recipient receives $141 in monthly benefits. That money comes from the state and federal governments, no county dollars are used in the program.

More on Fresno’s expansion of CalFresh can be found here.