Kings Co Supes Ask Feds for Water

Hanford Senitnel is reporting that Kings County Supervisors will sign off on a letter othe US Bureau of Reclaimation this week to formally ask for more pumping of Detla Water to Valley farmland. An excerpt:

"We ask you on behalf of Kings County and its four cities and outlying communities [to] please revisit and revise your rigid, dogmatic adherence to operating criteria that doesn't take into account what is being saved versus what consequences it is exacting on real people who produce wholesome food well beyond its borders," the draft letter states. "The science in the Delta should be revisited. The deluge of treated water from [Delta-area] sanitation districts may well have a greater impact than the pumps that captured only three tiny smelt."

Get more form Hanford Sentinel here. Also of note last week, Sen Lois Wolk ran an op-ed calling for a "Plan B" Detla fix including:

  • Reducing demand through increased efficiency and conservation.
  • Metering all uses of water.
  • Applying modern technologies for operation, measurement and groundwater basin cleanup.
  • Managing groundwater basins for reliability and storage.
  • Modernizing levees.
  • Reducing water exports from the delta based on science and an independent State Water Board, while ensuring export reliability.