Former Caltrans Director Says Road Conditions Are The Worst He’s Ever Seen

Everyone knows California’s roads are in terrible shape. Now, the former director of Caltrans is speaking out about just how terrible they really are.

“This is the worst I have seen,” said Will Kempton, who began working at Caltrans in 1976 and became its head under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. “We have just underinvested in our transportation infrastructure for decades, and it’s coming home to roost. Particularly after the recent storms, our roads are in very, very bad shape.”

Kempton believes the denial may finally be coming to an end. He said he’s encouraged by recent statements from Gov. Brown and lawmakers setting an April 6 deadline for an agreement on transportation funding. Kempton doesn’t expect it to be easy, especially with at least four competing proposals on the table. But he says it’s necessary. Anyone driving these chewed up slabs of asphalt will surely agree.