New York County Will Issue Subpoenas to Get People to Cooperate With Contact Tracing

County News has written extensively about the resistance to face mask orders. But refusal to engage with coronavirus contact tracers is another growing trend that threatens efforts to get the virus under control.

In one New York county, authorities are turning to subpoenas to get people to cooperate.

Health officials are investigating a new cluster of eight or more COVID-19 cases in Rockland County tied to a large party earlier this month, but they're running into trouble with contact tracing because people refuse to cooperate.

The county plans to resort to subpoenas, as it did during its measles outbreak some years ago, to compel people to work with contact tracers as they work to contain a new potential outbreak. It may mark the first time in the tri-state area that such a measure has been taken over COVID contact tracing noncompliance. —NBC New York 

California is still building its contact tracing program. An explosion of cases in the Golden State makes tracing and isolation difficult even with compliance. If the state can get its case numbers low enough to make contact tracing a viable option to slow the spread, Rockland County's troubles could be a harbinger of things to come.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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