Coronavirus Comes to Modoc County

Modoc once boasted that it was the only California county with no coronavirus cases. Last week, that changed.

“On [July 28], the county’s health department announced two positive cases and urged people who had visited bars in the county over the past 14 days to call health authorities,” the Sacramento Bee reports. Stacy Sphar, the county’s director of health services, warned that the county could see more cases in the coming weeks.

Modoc has just one hospital, which is connected to a nursing home. Both facilities are now restricting visitation. The two positive patients live in the same home and have not been hospitalized.

One thing Modoc is unlikely to do is enforce the governor’s mask mandate. The heavily Republican county has balked at coronavirus restrictions from early on. The county allowed bars and churches to open ahead of schedule on May 1 and its sheriff has said he will not enforce face covering rules.



Monday, July 27, 2020 - 15:51

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