Santa Cruz Launches State’s First Digital Wallet Pilot Program

The County of Santa Cruz has launched a groundbreaking pilot program to create a digital wallet for constituents using HUMBL Blockchain Services technology. Strategic consulting firm Majority Advisors and its founder, former State Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon, worked with the County to adopt and implement the program. The goal is to streamline County services and increase equity, accessibility and transparency through mobile wallets.

“The pilot program is believed to be the first ever in the state, and would offer an innovative new way for the County to provide equitable access to its constituents” said Supervisor Zach Friend, who sponsored the initiative. “The County is excited to explore a variety of blockchain based options from library cards to marriage licenses and birth certificates to planning department permits. We look forward to bringing digital transformation and cutting-edge technology to our community."

"At HUMBL Blockchain Services we believe one of the key uses of blockchain will be mobile wallets. Delivering personal identification, verifiable credentials, document storage and payment methods for citizens around the world to interact more effectively with their local, state and national governments," said HUMBL CEO, Brian Foote. “Today is a positive step towards that future here in the United States and in our home state of California.”

Unlike credit cards, virtual currencies include no third parties. That means lower transaction costs for all parties. Access to credit isn't required either, making them more accessible to disadvantaged communities.

Santa Cruz’s pilot program received unanimous support from the Board of Supervisors on April 12. The County will report back on the program no later than August 9, 2022.