Shasta County Cancels Contract With Dominion Voting Systems

Shasta supervisors have voted to end the county’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems over a debunked conspiracy theory involving the 2020 presidential election. Shasta is the first county in California to make this move, solidifying its reputation as a MAGA stronghold where election denial reigns. 

Dominion is a Toronto-based firm founded in 2002. Shortly after the 2020 presidential election, far-right activists began spreading bizarre falsehoods about the company and its origins.

Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani claimed Dominion was “formed by three Venezuelans who were very close to, very close to the dictator, Chavez, of Venezuela and it was formed in order to fix elections” — a complete fabrication. Trump, Giuliani, and attorney Sidney Powell alleged without evidence that Dominion’s software switched millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

The falsehoods were repeatedly amplified by Fox News, OAN, Newsmax and other conservative outlets. As a result, Dominion staffers had their lives threatened by members of the public. 

Dominion is currently suing Fox News for $1.6 billion and the lawyers who peddled the false claims are facing possible disbarment. 

Shasta’s vote to nix Dominion was 3-2, with Mary Rickert and Tim Garman voting no. Garman’s dissent was surprising because he typically votes with the board's right-wing majority.

The vote creates a headache for county elections chief Cathy Darling Allen, who must now find an alternative vendor. Per state law, there are only two other choices: Hart InterCivic or Election Systems & Software (ES&S).

“It's really unfortunate [the board] made a decision based on feeling and emotion but not evidence," Allen said. "So we will go forward now."