Mystery Surrounds FBI Probe in Napa Valley

Napa County has disclosed the information it is providing to federal investigators in response to three federal subpoenas. 170 records were turned over to the Napa Valley Register, which filed a Public Records Act request after news of a federal investigation broke last week.

The information provided to the Register does not answer the question on everyone’s mind – what is this investigation about? What we do know is that the probe involves some of the most famous wineries in Napa Valley, and that many of them have ties to a county supervisor who has been accused of conflicts of interest involving wineries in the past.

“One federal subpoena involves the names of 40 people, businesses and activities, including the 2021 Vinedos land business venture by Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza's family. One involves the county airport. A third involves Upvalley Waste Disposal,” the Register reports.

“All three ask for information kept by the county. One lists not only the Pedroza family Vinedos venture, but several prominent Napa Valley vintners. None accuse anyone of wrongdoing or describe what is being investigated by federal grand juries.”

Click here to read more about the investigation, and see a full list of the names and businesses named in the subpoena.



Monday, January 29, 2024 - 11:03

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