L.A. District Attorney George Gascón Heads to Runoff in November

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is headed for a runoff after a poor showing in the March 5 primary. The latest election results show the incumbent with less than 24% of the vote. 

There were 11 challengers running against Gascón. In the end, deputy district attorney Nathan Hochman took the top spot among the contenders. The third most popular candidate, Jonathan Hatami, conceded to Hochman on Thursday.

Despite Gascón’s unpopularity, Hochman could prove to be a weak candidate in the general election. He was a Republican as late as 2022 when he ran unsuccessfully for attorney general. His campaign included heavy criticism of Gascón, yet he was favored by just 33% of L.A. County voters.

Today, Hochman is an independent. He also says he has never voted for Donald Trump. But the Republican label can be a political death sentence in a blue county like L.A. That’ll be especially true in November when Democrats head to the polls to vote in the presidential election.