Poll Shows Majority of Solano County Voters Oppose the California Forever Project

We’ve got some bad news for the billionaires behind the California Forever project. It turns out Solano County voters are just not that into you.

Don’t take it from us. The evidence is in new polling conducted by FM3 Research on behalf of two groups opposed to the plan. The renowned pollsters found that 68% of county voters have a negative view of the project. 61% said they will definitely vote against the ballot measure sponsored by California Forever. Perhaps most strikingly, those who had heard “a lot” about it were even more likely to be opposed.

"Voters are well-aware of the proposal, with more than three-quarters having heard something about it, and that familiarity has yielded remarkably broad, strong and durable public opposition – opposition which changes very little after voters are exposed to messages on both sides of the proposal," FM3 said in its report.

"After hearing a series of arguments in favor of the measure, voter support is essentially unchanged – with 27 percent in favor... Opposition arguments presented in their wake further reduce support, with more than three quarters (77 percent) ultimately saying they would vote 'no.'"

The California Forever project is the brainchild of a group of Silicon Valley investors, including Goldman Sachs trader Jan Sramek. The group promises to create a sustainable “mega city” near Travis Air Force Base, fully walkable and equipped with plentiful housing, public transportation, jobs, and green space. The group initially pursued secretive tactics, which created an immediate air of distrust that has been hard to break. To win over voters, California Forever backers have offered $400 million in down payment assistance to help locals buy homes in the new city.