String of Assaults Stokes Safety Fears on L.A. Metro

Officials want people to step up their use of public transit, but that’s a tough sell when riders keep getting attacked or killed.

At least three violent incidents occurred along the L.A. Metro system last week, all within a 24-hour period:

  • On Monday, May 13, someone was stabbed during a fight that started on the Metro in Glendale
  • A few hours later, someone was stabbed on the elevator that takes passengers to the C Line train station in South L.A.
  • On Tuesday, May 14, a person was hit in the chest during a robbery on the Metro Line 240 

That’s not all. 

Last month, a woman was fatally stabbed while getting off the Metro in Studio City. It was the second time the alleged perpetrator had attacked a passenger. 

Also last month, a Metro bus driver was stabbed while driving a bus full of passengers. He survived. 

In March, a man stabbed a security officer at a Metro station in Hollywood. The officer shot and killed the attacker. 

“We know many of you have questions about what we're doing to improve safety on our system,” the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority wrote on X last Wednesday.

Ya think?

“To address crime, Metro is deploying more uniformed public safety personnel on our system…”

Metro provided a graphic showing various safety personnel who will be deployed throughout the system. 

After insisting last month that the “the metro is safe,” L.A. Mayor Karen Bass now says she’s changed her mind. On Wednesday, following the latest attacks, she told reporters she does “not feel the same way.”