‘California Forever’ Qualifies for November Ballot

The Solano County Registrar of Voters said Tuesday that enough valid signatures have been verified to get California Forever’s measure on the November ballot. The initiative would create a 30-square-mile city near Travis Air Force Base. The billionaire investors behind the project say the town would be “one of the most walkable and sustainable communities in the United States.”

The Solano County Board of Supervisors will now vote on next steps. The board could choose to adopt the initiative outright, place it on the November ballot, or — more likely — request an impact assessment to see how the project would affect county residents.

California Forever initially pursued its aims in secrecy, drawing suspicion from local and congressional leaders. The company then sued some local farmers for alleged price fixing, which won them no favors with the community. 

The company has since decided to court residents, promising down payment assistance for new homes, grant-funded IT classes, and 15,000 new jobs if the measure passes. California Forever says its project will include no new taxes for Solano County residents, although it acknowledges that the state will get hit with a new tax burden. 

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