Drunk Teacher Won’t Face Charges: Sutter DA Says It's Legal

Getting sloshed before teaching your second grade class may be bad form, but it’s not cause for legal action in Sutter County. On Monday, the Sutter County District Attorney’s Office announced it would not be filing charges against teacher Wendy Munson, who was arrested at Live Oak's Nuestro Elementary on Oct. 2 after allegedly showing up to work drunk.

“While the district attorney’s office agrees that it is highly inappropriate to teach while intoxicated, it is, unfortunately, not illegal,” the District Attorney’s Office said.

On the day of her arrest, Munson had a blood alcohol level of around 0.19%. That’s higher than the legal limit of 0.08%. She could have faced charges for drunken driving, but prosecutors said they couldn’t prove she was drunk when she drove to work that morning. Likewise, there was no “specific information” to warrant a child endangerment charge.

Munson’s behavior was “reprehensible,” District Attorney Jennifer Dupré said. “But it doesn’t violate the penal code to teach kids when they’re drunk.”

Lawmakers may want to do something about that.