L.A. Supervisors Vote to Cap Rent Hikes at 3%

Los Angeles County Supervisors voted Tuesday to extend a temporary 4% cap on rent increases in unincorporated areas for the next six months, while imposing a 3% cap next year. The vote was 3-2, with Kathryn Barger and Janice Hahn dissenting.

“Further burdening property owners who also have bills to pay–such as rising homeowners insurance–and are struggling to keep up with costs is unbalanced and the wrong approach,” Barger said.

“Instead, we should focus our solutions on the power of supply and demand. Accelerating the development of more new housing in our County is our way out of the housing crisis. That includes examining California Environmental Quality Act reform and eliminating red tape. Layering restrictions on property owners wrongly treats a symptom and not the root cause of housing instability.” 

Landlords warned the caps would force many of them to sell their properties. 

Under the policy, landlords with 10 units or less would be able to add an additional 1% increase. Owners of luxury units would be capped at 5%.

The motion was introduced by Supervisor Holly Mitchell. It will come back for another vote before taking effect.